Why I Started A New Business During a Pandemic

When I was studying for the LSAT and looking for a private tutor, I was surprised by the high cost and lack of flexibility of the major test preparation companies.

Most private tutors charged well over $100/hour and had little to no availability for new clients, well outside the budgets of many struggling college students and young professionals looking to go to law school.

I was frustrated by the lack of flexibility and how you had to work within the schedules of the tutor, not the other way around.

I started Elias Neibart Tutoring to offer a high-quality, cost-effective, and flexible option for test-takers.

While the pandemic has been devastating to many businesses, I was able to quickly adapt to the current health crisis by shifting our focus from in-person tutoring to virtual learning.

Students are able to conduct their preliminary diagnostic assessments and interim exams in a digital format, and this while I am able to provide one-on-one instruction and interactive content via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and other virtual learning platforms.

For my business, online learning has presented new opportunities to engage and interact with students all over the country and offers a level of flexibility and convenience that was not possible before.




Elias Neibart is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, Georiga.

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Elias Neibart

Elias Neibart

Elias Neibart is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, Georiga.

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