Program in Democracy and Citizenship at Emory

Aspiring attorney Elias Neibart recently graduated from Emory University in Atlanta with a bachelor of arts in political science and philosophy. Over the course of his undergraduate career, Elias Neibart received academic accolades such as the Pat H. Odom Dean’s Achievement Scholar and status as a Junto Fellow in the Program in Democracy and Citizenship.

The Junto Fellowship is a part of Emory University’s Franklin Fellows Program, which encourages critical study and supports classroom learning with film discussions, reading groups, and attendance of fine arts performances. Junto Fellows receive curated course offerings in literature classics and other liberal arts topics, all focused on critical reasoning skills such as analytic reading and cogent writing.

Junto Fellows demonstrate a commitment to meaningful academic pursuits in ethics, government, history, and philosophy. In addition to formal events such as performances at Shakespeare Tavern and the Atlanta Symphony, fellows can attend informal lunches as a way to maintain social connections with peers.

Elias Neibart is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, Georiga.

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