When I was studying for the LSAT and looking for a private tutor, I was surprised by the high cost and lack of flexibility of the major test preparation companies.

Most private tutors charged well over $100/hour and had little to no availability for new clients, well outside the budgets of many struggling college students and young professionals looking to go to law school.

I was frustrated by the lack of flexibility and how you had to work within the schedules of the tutor, not the other way around.

I started Elias Neibart Tutoring to offer a high-quality, cost-effective, and…

Elias Neibart has been following the COVID-19 outbreak, and Neibart provides daily updates on how the virus is spreading throughout the United States.

COVID cases are increasing around former hotspots. New Jersey and New York are seeing a rise in cases; for instance, New York City has rolled back reopening in certain neighborhoods in the Bronx and Queens, areas of New York City that have seen an increase in cases.

Elias Neibart was a political theory and philosophy major at Emory University, and he wrote papers that dealt with how Machiavelli can help us understand our current political moment. An excerpt can be found below:

However, Machiavelli does not only suggest that rulers should appear to be good, he also recognizes that rulers can do certain things or create certain spectacles that have a tremendous impact on their constituents’ opinions and beliefs. For example, Machiavelli discusses the relationship between Cesare Borgia and Remirro de Orco. In this historical example, Borgia had recently taken over Romagna, a land that was “full…

Elias Neibart majored in Political Theory and he wrote many papers about the nature of justice, including a paper on Thrasymachus and Socrates. An excerpt can be found below:

Socrates and Thrasymachus begin their discussion by first addressing how justice or “the just” should be defined. Thrasymachus believes that “the just is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger” (338c). Socrates, however, is dissatisfied with Thrasymachus’ definition and asks him to clarify what exactly he means. To elucidate his definition of Justice, Thrasymachus first argues that rulers in a political society are the “master,” such that in a democracy…

Elias Neibart has been following the COVID-19 outbreak, and, today, he will offer a short update on how the virus has impacted American political life.

Yesterday, we learned that Donald Trump and the First Lady tested positive for the coronavirus. Since their diagnoses, several political operatives, journalists, and officials have also reported positive tests.

In particular, Senator Mike Lee has confirmed that he now has COVID-19, and, given that he sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, some have suggested that this might delay the process.

In more local news, New Jersey reported nearly 800 cases yesterday, and scientists are beginning to worry about the possibility of a second wave.

Yesterday, it was announced that President Donald Trump and the First Lady, Melania Trump, tested positive for the coronavirus. Recently, President Trump had visited New Jersey for a fundraiser in Bedminster, so Governor Murphy is urging those in attendance to get tested for COVID-19.

More generally, the state is experiencing an uptick in cases. On October 1st, the state reported 663 cases and five deaths. The rate of transmission remains above 1.00 at 1.16.

As a resident of NJ, Elias Neibart has been following the state’s response to COVID-19, and Neibart has been providing daily updates on the matter.

Elias Neibart, a resident of New Jersey, has been following the coronavirus outbreak in his state, and he has been providing updates about COVID-19 daily.

New Jersey has been updating its travel quarantine list periodically. Today, they added 1 state and dropped 2 others from the list.

Ocean County, a county in south New Jersey, is driving the surge in state cases, according to Governor Phil Murphy.

With respect to education, several schools have paused in-person learning, after they reported cases in certain classrooms.

As cases rise, Dr. Anthony Fauci is getting increasingly worried about trends in Midwestern states. Unfortunately, New York City — the former epicenter of the crisis — is also experiencing a surge. However, in New York’s neighboring state, New Jersey, the rate of transmission had dropped, again.

As a resident of New Jersey and an employee in New York City, Elias Neibart has been following how COVID-19 has affected his state. He provides daily updates on Medium.

As a a resident of New Jersey, Elias Neibart has been monitoring COVID-19 in his state, and he has been providing updates on the recent uptick in cases within the state.

Recently, experts are becoming increasingly concerned over the rise of COVID-19 in both New Jersey and New York. Colleges are reporting cases throughout New York State, and the rate of transmission of the virus in New Jersey remains over 1.00.

As the weather becomes colder, experts foresee more activities moving indoors, and, thus, cases are exepcted to rise.

Elias Neibart has been following the COVID-19 outbreak in his state, and he has been providing daily updates on the virus.

Alarmingly, in 13 out of 21 New Jersey counties, COVID-19 cases have risen. Accordingly, Governor Murphy extended the public health emergency in the state.

Nationwide, experts warn of second wave of COVID cases, as cases climb throughout the midwest. In Europe, many countries are currently dealing with a second wave of the virus.

As the flu season begins, experts warn of “twindemic,” as both viruses will impact hospitalizations.

Elias Neibart

Elias Neibart is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, Georiga.

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